Counties Manukau Cycling Club Code of Conduct - For all members, riders, non-riders, and volunteers.

We seek to have high quality behaviour while riding, undertaking duties for the Club, or attending events (racing, training, parking vehicles, using halls, respecting the resident’s environment or otherwise) arranged by the club. 

CMC aims to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property. To ensure no damage or deprivation is caused while racing, training or otherwise taking part in club activities.  

If any disciplinary action is taken, persons directly affected shall be given the opportunity to participate in those proceedings and the right to appeal against any decision against them. 

Responsibility - Riders must:

1 Sign on and attend race briefings 

2 Start on the handicap or grade given by the Handicapper/Race Manager. 

3 Advise the time keepers if they intend to withdraw or have withdrawn from a race. 

4 Follow instructions given by race marshals, the handicapper, and/or the Race Manager. 

5 Not join at the back of a passing group. 

6 Comply with standard road rules and keep as much as possible to the left-hand side of the lane.

7 Call out to the rider or group they are about to pass and give passing riders at least 1m clearance. Failure to do so may result in a DQ for that rider(s).

8 When about to be passed, call out to their group that another group of riders is about to pass them. 

9 Respect the rights of other road users at all times. Crossing the centre line onto the wrong side of the road is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

10 Ride in a manner that does not bring cyclists in general, any associated sponsors, and CMC in particular, into disrepute. 

11 Observe and comply with New Zealand Sports Anti-Doping Rules. 

12 Ride and behave as a good sportsperson would. All riders are expected to contribute to races, sharing the pace making by taking short "laps" at the front of bunches before peeling off and allowing somebody else to take over.  

Riders must not:

13 Join a passing group in the middle of the group.

14 In Graded Scratch Races, the passing rider must not interfere with or contribute to the outcome of that grade’s race outcome. 

15 Ride in a dangerous manner or in any way that compromises the safety of any riders, race officials or members of the public. 

16 Abuse, use threatening behaviour or abusive language to anyone including race officials, the handicapper, committee members, volunteers, members of the public or fellow riders – this will not be tolerated.

17 Clear your nose while racing with other riders present unless you are the last person in the bunch.

Please advise the Race Director/Time Keepers of breaches witnessed that are of a nature as above or any other similar event. Please aim to do this before leaving the event. You may be asked to do this in writing. 

Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct could result in one or more of the following sanctions being applied: Warning; Reprimand;  Relegation;  Disqualification;  Suspension;  Withdrawal of  Club membership and or Cycling New Zealand licence. Any of the above sanctions will be at the sole discretion of the CMC Committee.

All outcomes will be advised to the parties verbally and in writing. Suspensions or withdrawals of Cycling New Zealand licences are required to be reported to Cycling New Zealand. 

We seek to provide competitive, fun, safe racing. Help us to achieve that.

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