Congratulations to three of our juniors members, James Fouche, Michael Carswell and Bradley Leitch who have been selected for the NZ Junior team to race the Nations Cup Tour in Quebec , Canada in July. Following strong results by all three at the Club Nationals and lead up races they have been selected as part of a six man New Zealand team to race the Tour de L’Abitibi. This tour is the Canadian leg of the UCI Under 19 mens World Nations Cup Series. The race is a 7 stage, six day tour and is an amazing opportunity for the boys to race a tour at an international level.

Boys Results

James Fouche- Oceania Road Champs; Road Race - 1st, ITT - 2nd

                                    - TA Junior Tour; GC - 2nd, KOM - 6th, Sprint - 6th

                                    - NZ Club Nationals; Road Race - 8th, ITT - 1st

Michael Carswell - HUB Tour; GC - 7th

                            - CHB Junior Tour; GC - 13th, KOM - 1st

                                        - TA Junior Tour; GC - 6th, KOM - 4th, Sprint - 5th

                                        - NZ Club Nationals; Road Race - 3rd, ITT - 9th 

Bradley Leitch     - CHB Junior Tour; GC - 4th, KOM - 4th

                                        - TA Junior Tour; GC - 4th, Sprint - 8th

                                        - NZ Club Nationals; Road Race - 7rd, ITT - 12th

NZ Junior Team 2NZ Junior Team 1

NZ Junior Team 5NZ Junior Team 6


The boys leave on around the 10th July and the tour is from the 18th to 24th July. We wish them the best of luck.